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September 2022

Since the introduction of EPA driven regulatory activities in 1988, contractors have been buying components to comply with these regulations. Multiple manufacturers offered products and contractors had to sort out all dimensional issues, compatibility between manufacturers and had to have complex estimating procedures. Diversified has now solved these and other problems with the introduction of our Engineered Systems. Engineered Systems are complete, tested and ready to install. For the Under Dispenser family of Containment to Transition Sumps, Tanks Sumps, and forecourt items, Diversified offers complete systems. For Under Dispenser Containment the contractor needs to know the number of lines entering and leaving the UDC and whether it is a pass-through sump or an end of run sump. Pricing is constant. Price does not change with pipe size, pipe manufacturer nor accessories. Check it out!


September 2022

Bell by Male adapters are commonly used in fiberglass piping systems to adapt fiberglass product carry lines usually to a female metallic fittings. In some instances these 4" adapters are used to adapt industrial fiberglass pipe for risers from a tank top to a spill container or other adapter. Diversified Products Manufacturing's 4" bell by male adapters are injection molded with or without wrenching lugs that allows for more abuse during the

installation process. Additionally the inside of the fitting may be manufactured for applications that may require variable wall thicknesses.

Fiberglass Threaded.png

September 2022

Fiberglass penetrations are used on single and double wall tank and UDC sumps. Fittings consist of an outer body and inner cap that is manufactured from a proprietary blend of fiberglass material. This double sided fitting provides a seal on the inside of the sump with an additional seal created on the sump exterior.

Both the interior fitting and exterior fitting are bonded to the sump wall.

They come in all sizes and configurations for your install.

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